The Maudes: two women taking string music to fascinating places, redefining what their instruments are capable of.

Drawing on the extended techniques of string virtuosos such as Oliver Schroer, Richard Greene, and Eugene Friesen, The Maudes seek to stretch the boundaries of string music. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, with extensive classical training, both women have a chameleon-like ability to move between genres. Violinist Anna Wedlock is a graduate of Dalhousie University, where she studied with renowned violinist Philippe Djokic. In addition to her classical career, Anna has become an in demand bluegrass player on the East Coast- recent collaborations include country legends Ryan Cook, Willie Stratton, Thomas Stajcer, and Gabriel Minnikin. In 2017, Anna was nominated for Music Nova Scotia’s Musician of the Year award. 

Cellist Catherine Little holds a Master’s degree in music performance from Université de Montréal and has performed with orchestras across Canada and South America. In addition to her classical career, Catherine has become known for her fresh take on celtic music and performs regularly with Cape Breton fiddler Brad Reid, the Baroque n Fiddle String Quartet, and East Coast legend Dave MacIsaac.

Bringing together the sounds of Celtic, Bluegrass, and Chamber Music, The Maudes embody the joyful, adventurous spirit of Nova Scotian artist Maud Lewis. Together, they’re creating a canvas that is uniquely, fearlessly theirs- one that promises to delight contemporary audiences.